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 Wildlife keeps many secrets, secrets that would astound anyone that happens  to spy on their most intimate secrets, and camels are willing to die as long as theirs does not come to light.
At the dawn of life, both  Dromedary and Bactrian camel wore on their back a single hump, and fiercely guarded, because  in the driest of deserts,  the hump ensures they could survive long without food or water.
One day, Nature gathered all the camels at a point in the cold steppes of Asia and said:
“I need to urgently update the Evolution Plans for Wild  Fauna and this requires stakeholders to participate in an experiment: you must  traverse the drylands of the world and see in what place can best adapt”.
The dromedary  could not stand the cold so he  had planned to settle in the North African coast that summer, the idea of becoming a subject of study was not very funny, but nobody tells  not to Nature, so he accepted. The lama and the alpaca, not without reason had become known for being clueless, and they were too busy chewing their food, so do not put attention to the Nature’s words. The Bactrian camel, always so responsible, squared his feet loudly before replying:
– Will be an honor and pleasure to serve your ladyship!
Nature was all fluffed. What a gentleman could be the Bactrian camel! She gave the  camelids  the roadmap wishing them good luck and left.
Just she had disappeared, the dromedary  screamed as high as  the sky:
– Traverse the deserts, such a nonsense. Of course, it happens when usual bootlicking say  she’s right  in everything!
The lama and the alpaca, which had other concerns, did not understand the dromedary’s anger, so they continued their lunch. The Bactrian camel, sad and offended,  not speak to him.
Reluctantly, the dromedary took the path followed closely by the Bactrian camel. The lama and the alpaca, which had not finished eating, swallowed the last hurried bites and ran after them when they realized they were running alone and had forgotten the way home.
They walked, walked and walked, crossing the deserts of the world. One day, they met a Desert Rat who, with their young, were dying of thirst.
– Help us, please, we die of hunger and thirst!
The dromedary, still angry, turned a deaf ear. The Lama and the Alpaca came far behind and did not hear anything, the Bactrian camel, tired and thirsty, he stopped and said:
“Climb on my back and I will take you to the nearest well”.
The Rat and their pups  mounted on its back. When they reached the spring water they  drank till their bellies were round, and when the others  would leave, decided to live there. The Rat gave them  very grateful goodbye and when away from the dunes, the Bactrian camel could see his figure and his mice still waving his front paws.
Camelids continued their journey and somewhere in the Andean highlands, lost sight of the Alpaca and the lama, who refused to step over because they were so tired. Although they were ignorant, they had crossed over half the world and came closer to their homelands. The dromedary was starting to feel familiar smells and was anxious to leave the hard mission. The Bactrian Camel, however, knew he must return home, between the Hindu Kush and the Amu Darya, as he had promised to Nature.
Walking through the deserts of North Africa, the dromedary felt in the distance the sea salt scent, and losing his mind, started to jog and then run to the coast. The Bactrian camel shook his head sadly before resuming the route. Now he had been left completely alone.
But then, the Nature appeared suddenly, stopping the run of the dromedary.
– Where are you going in such haste without finishing your homework? – the Nature snapped.
The dromedary lowered his head in shame and remained unanswered for so long that  the Bactrian camel arrived by their side.
“How is your ladyship, what a pleasure to see you,” he greeted.
I don’t need to tell that Nature was fancy and happy. She  had almost forgotten his anger, until she remembered the issue that brought her out there:
“The lama and the alpaca have found their destination in the Andes and apparently, you also envision your own, she said, but not all of you have met the same way, so, you dromedary, you will be living in the Arabian desert with difficulty and join your energies on the hump. You instead-she was addressing the Bactrian camel now-, receive greetings from the Desert Rat, she and  her  pups are very thankful to you.  You  can return to Bactria, from now on you’ll have   double reserve of energies.
So saying, she disappeared. After a while the Camel looked up and discovered with astonishment that the Bactrian camel, instead of one, now had two humps. Dying of envy, he resumed his way to the oasis of the coast and when asked why, unlike his cousin, has a single hump, gritting his teeth, lowered his head and stay in  silent embarrassment.

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