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Considerando a una serie de nuevos lectores estamos intentando traducir nuestros zoocuentos al inglés. Pedimos disculpas por los errores cometidos. No es fácil.

Considering a serie of new readers we are trying to translate our zoo tales into english.  Please try and forgive our mistakes, it’s no easy.

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2579764823_089007ba4aA long, long time ago, when hunting in the mountains, the first Emperor of China discovered the place was the homeland of enormous black and white bears, and contrary to the popular belief around the world he considered it the most beautiful animal ever.

So astonished he was that the Emperor built a splendid palace in the mountains not to lose a day in the life of pandas.

Gradually he began to make friends with them. He went for walks in the woods, let them fruits and vegetables, issued and edict banning hunting and assuring their protection, he kept the Imperial Guard for their safety and watched them daily.

As he walked around in the cold season, the Emperor realized that their beloved pandas lacked sufficient food, so he sent for his star cook from Beijing and bestowed him the title of Chef of the Celestial Empire Pandas.

After much testing, the cook of the Empire came to the conclusion that the best thing for pandas was eating chopsuei everyday and cooked in the large woks of the Palace vegetable chopsuei and then distributed it in the forest to pandas fed at home. The Emperor was so happy to see them satisfied so he wanted to eat  the same and sat on silk cushions to eat with his ivory chopsticks this newly chopsuei served in his golden bowl.

But his majesty became a little bored of this vegetarian chopsuei. He had sacrificed shrimps, chiken and pork so he wanted a small change and the Chef of the Celestial Empire added to chopsuei delicious bamboo shoots.

At the very moment that pandas tried and eat bamboo, they began to dig into the dishes to choose from the outbreaks. They even  started some fights because no panda wanted to share.

The following days were a mess. Panda bears spent lunch time by throwing chopsuei to other pandas  head for the last bamboo shoot and lost  lots of food while they were hungry and grumpy.

The Emperor, a wise man, decided that to fix the problem chopsuei will include fifty percent of bamboo  shoots and he announced that he would help serve the new food to pandas himself.

The Emperor of the Celestial Empire came in in his silk robe embroidered in gold thread and behind him came the Chef of the Celestial Empire in a rare gesture of deference to the most beautiful animal ever existed.

But pandas were outraged. How could those delicious bamboo shoots had been contaminated with carrots, onions, mushrooms and worse of all, cauliflowers! Just  finishing bamboo shoots they began to  throw the chopsuei to everyone’s head and one of them had the brilliant idea of turning the wok over the head of his Imperial Majesty.

The Emperor was furious, dripping soy sauce and chopped vegetables climbed into his car and inmediately ordered to return to Beijing. Never again wanted to  hear about pandas.

The palace of the mountains  was demolished to the last part and each one of the bricks used in its construction was moved to Shanghai  where it was sayed the Great Sea Serpent had recently been seen. His Majesty wanted to check with their own eyes  and when he came to settle in his new palace by the sea the Imperial Sampan was already waiting for him.

The pandas, discredited, were forgotten. That winter pandas were so hungry they were seen  licking the  dishes where the chef used to serve chopsuei in the good old times.

Finally, one of them, in dispair, climbed a tree to see if the lunch  was coming on the road.

Just get up, he discovered some little green leaves   that seemed atractive, he tried and tested and soon  all pandas  were eating as much bamboo as they could. Thanks to this diet, three thousands  years later they  were on the brink of extinction, but a careful chinese work  sponsored by the government  has set out to reverse the situation.

Sometimes a silly panda has the idea of demanding a bowl of chopsuei, but not enough to open his mouth when his colleagues  have pulled  a clump of bamboo on his head.

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